The World’s Best Paper Airplane

In 1999 a man set paper airplane history by setting the world record for the longest paper airplane flight 27.6 seconds!  Ken Blackburn, an aerospace engineer built this plane and launched it into history.  To understand how airplanes can fly for so long, check out our explanation.

According to Ken, there are three things that are needed for a great paper airplane. A good design, good throw, and good folding. To set the record, Ken used a design he invented when he was 13 years old.  So in addition to this design, try out your own. Maybe you’ll one day break his record!

Below are the folding instructions for the world’s best paper airplane. We suggest you start with a clean sheet of paper, and make sure your lines are crisp.

Next, fold the paper in half along the dotted lines and then fold down your wings. Lastly, fold up your winglets, and your airplane will be done!

Enjoy flying the world’s best paper airplane. Remember, long flight times depend on a very powerful throw. Keep practicing!


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  1. Awesome video with a handsome young man!!

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