Get a Box

We have readied our first Explorabox module, Magnetism! Soon we will be adding Electricity, Chemistry, and many more. If you’d like a box, or would like to give one as a gift please donate to our cause. If you donate more than $30, we will ship a box either to you, or an address you specify (with your personalized note). You can also specify to give it to a child in need, and we will be sure to send you a thank-you note from the recipient. To get started, just click donate and write to us!

site_donate-01More than $30 and you get a box!


Our boxes feature:

  • Colorful artwork and self-contained design
  • Easy-to-read instructions for over 9 activities and experiments
  • All required components (magnets, batteries, wires, etc.)
  • Design from green, recyclable materials.

The first Exploraboxes will be made available though an online store (hosted here). To stay updated, Subscribe to our newsletter!

The topic of our first box is Magnetism. Additional boxes will be quickly released soon after, including Electricity, Life Sciences, Chemistry, etc. The experiments and activities will let you discover the wonders of our world and begin to ask important questions. Below are photographs of just some of the activities you’ll encounter: